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Volunteers - Small Decaf

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Small Decaf

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One-time opportunities:

  • Adopt a SPARK Student ($2,130 per student): Provide a donation of $2,130 for a four- or five-year-old future Akron Public Schools student and his/her parent(s) to participate in an early childhood literacy experience provided in partnership with Greenleaf Center. Students participating in SPARK have shown dramatic improvements in their reading scores in school. Checks should be written to Greenleaf Center with “SPARK” written on the memo line.
    Contact: Margaret Roberts, 330.376.9494, mrobert2@akron.k12.oh.us
  • Teacher/Student Recognition Event: Volunteer as an usher/host at a Teacher or Student Recognition Banquet.
    Contact: Karen Gegick, 330.761.3107, kgegick@akron.k12.oh.us
  • Book Donation: Donate one or more new books to students or a classroom library.
    Contact: 330.761.3139
  • Clothing Donation: Donate new gloves, hats, boots or uniforms for children who live in poverty.
    Contact: TBA
  • Guest Reader: Read to a group of children on a special reading day (e.g., Read to Me Day).
    Contact: Toan Dang-Nguyen, tnguyen@akron.k12.oh.us

    Contact: 330.761.3109
  • Guest Speaker: Speak at a school's career day regarding your profession.
    Contact: 330.761.313
  • Teacher Appreciation: Sponsor a breakfast or lunch for teacher appreciation day.
    Contact: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
  • Technology Support: Purchase one or more computers or other new innovative technology for students to use in their classrooms.
    Contact: Debra Foulk, 330.761.2805, dfoulk@akron.k12.oh.us
  • General Financial Donation: Write a check to a school or the district for a specific initiative (e.g., field trips, school uniforms for students who can’t afford them, upgrades to our athletic facilities, sets of classroom books).
    Contact: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
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