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Longer-term opportunities or substantial donations:

  • Adopt a School: An organization or individual can adopt an entire school. You'll meet with the school to prioritize needs and then provide financial support for the initiatives and/or volunteer support. For example, Leadership Akron Class 26 adopted Crouse CLC and provides volunteers for the spelling bee, planting gardens, beautifying the grounds, monthly reading sessions in classes, etc.
    Contact: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
  • AkronReads Tutor: AkronReads is a community volunteer tutoring partnership of schools, businesses, organizations, parents and students working together to ensure Akron Public Schools elementary students are reading at grade level. Every year, numerous businesses and organizations adopt elementary schools throughout the Akron area. These businesses and organizations then send their employees (for 45 minutes, one day per week) to assist elementary school students with learning to read. Download more information.
    Contact: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
  • OASIS Reading Tutor: OASIS is a formal tutoring program for our “seasoned” adults over 55 years of age. OASIS tutors work with students in grades K-2 who need the additional support of a caring, one-on-one relationship once a week all year. Each session lasts 45 minutes. Tutors are trained by district staff monthly from 10 a.m.-noon to build skills and share strategies.
    Contact: 330.761.3139
  • Reading or Math Tutor: This involves weekly or monthly tutoring with a student, either formal tutoring or simply reading books with young students to nurture a love for reading or helping students with their homework.
    Contact: Toan Dang-Nguyen, tnguyen@akron.k12.oh.us
    Contact: a school principal or 330.761.3109
  • Mentor a Student: Provide mentoring to a student who needs an adult role model. Meet regularly with the student during the school day to provide support. There are also opportunities for formal college readiness mentoring or career mentoring.
    Contact: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
  • Teacher’s Angel: Provide support to teachers within the classroom. Teachers will guide you in helping students struggling with the classroom work or homework. You could also help multiple teachers in a school by assisting with the creation of classroom projects, copying handouts, etc.
    Contact: a school principal or Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297, cchapman@akron.k12.oh.us
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