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Subject Gateway Science Sites


  • The Berkley Science Lab maintains good site to keep current with science issues.
  • Centers for Disease Control is sponsored by the United States government and offers a vast array of quality information.
  • C-Mites is part of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary and Secondary Students.  Links to social studies, science, math and language arts can be found at this site.
  • Cool Science is a massive portal to all science topics.
  • Digital Librarian Science  is a great place to start any science search.
  • Exploratorium is one of the leading interactive science education portals on the Internet.
  • Discovery Channel provides links to games and news.  Search topics by subject. Site provides links to current programming.
  • Homework Center science resources are listed here.
  • How Stuff Works by the Discovery Company links to fascinating facts about the workings of science, technology, geography, and health.
  • InfoMine Science  searches Internet resources and is developed by the University of California library system
  • KidsClick! Science/Math  is a good collection of sites by topic, appropriate for elementary level.
  • Links to Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans is maintained by the Experimental High Energy Physics Group at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  Links to astronomy and physics lesson plans can be found on this site.
  • NASA offers a exploration into the world of space.  Links for students and teachers.  Videos and images available.
  • National Geographic has created links to photography, animals, and environmental resources. 
  • National Park Service provides information on our national parks.  Teacher links and children’s links also can be found here.
  • National Science Digital Library is the “Nation's online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.”   Links for teacher and librarians offer great resources.
  • National Science Teachers Association offers science teachers links to membership, publications, and conventions.
  • New Scientist is the British rival to Science News that provides  great links to websites.
  • NOVA is maintained by PBS and contains reliable, current information.
  • NSTA is the National Science Teachers Association home page.
  • Physics Central allows you to explore and discover the world of physics.  It is very student oriented.
  • Science.gov is a gateway to government science information on the web. It is the collaboration of  18 government science organizations.  It is the authoritative government science resource.
  • Science Daily is a good link to latest research news.
  • Science Fair Guide provides a  variety of resources,leading you through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science project.
  • Science Fair Central provides an online step by step guide to a successful science project.
  • Science News is the popular science periodical online with searchable archives.
  • SEGway, the Science Education Gateway, funded by NASA's Office of Space Science, is a national consortium of science museums, research institutions and educators working together to present the latest space science research for students, teachers and the general public.
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